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Location: Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur
Property Type: F&B
Built-up Size: 180 sqft
Year of completion: 2021

SURCROSE - A dessert shop where our design approach is inspired from the shapes of desserts and the colour of the logo - Navy Blue. With the area of 180 sqft, we decided to fully utilise the volume of the space. By imagining it as a plain box, we locate a few distinctive windows opening at the wall where it is more visible by customers. 


At the front corner of the dessert shop, we design the window opening using the enlarged version shape of the logo – an abstract shape of a sugar component. Not only it gives a great hierarchy to the shop, but it also allows adequate sunlight to penetrate in and brighten the internal space. This also allows the exchange of interaction between the dessert shop and the customers.


By aligning and overlapping 3 circles side by side, this forms an abstract shape of a dessert where we placed it at the side of the dessert shop. This unique window opening is located perfectly to give a sense of framing the dessert from the street. We also placed the name of the store - SURCROSE above the window opening to allow brand marketing by customers.


The door of the dessert shop is one of the main designs. The idea derives from a revolving door in which we locate it at the corner forming a L Shape with a corner vision glass in between as a safety feature. Not only it allows the customers to have a clear sight before opening a closed door, but it helps to lid up the internal space and also act as an aesthetic purpose.


At the side of the dessert shop, we placed the store logo with a touch of two different materials. It consists of a mirror with a layer of an obscure acrylic. The obscure acrylic was treated with navy blue that gradient outwards while the mirror shows the reflection of the weather and the atmospheric surroundings. This combination of the logo will greatly enhance the plain back wall making it a worthwhile Insta candid shot.

Photos: @jd_chang & @tottie222
Animation: @space.dawg
Music: @haoboutyou










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