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Location: Subang Jaya, USJ
Property Type: Commercial Office
Built-up Size: 1854sqft
Year of completion: 2021

At the preliminary designing stage, we focus on the concept‘ form follows function’ while co-relate the use of warm and bright tone as our design vocabulary for this office. We wanted to achieved a clean and elegant tone, with the combination of simple geometric forms for the interior while having a well-proportioned spatial arrangement.


We centralize the reception area as a split point for this office by proficiently separating

the training space and pantry to the left and open display area, semi-open meeting area and private meeting area to the right with open stairs leading up to office from the back of the reception area.


Despite the 6 meters high ceiling of the office, we effectively utilize the volume of the space by introducing a mezzanine level with 3 meters high on each floor, separating the private office space and the public training space.


包容成为了我们表述空间的词汇。干净素雅的基调;简约的几何形体,错落有致 ;



利用中间的接待空间作为一个分割点, 我们把左边区域规划成了培训空间和茶水间。




It has been a real challenge that this office does not receive adequate natural sunlight due to the high ceiling and less opening. The overall intention of our design was to not emphasis on hard-fittings which will aggravate the tightness of the space. Therefore, we introduce some indoor lighting in order to brighten the dull space and in return, not only it could solve the insufficient lighting problem but it also calms the entire space.


Our design intention comes from the proposed site combined with this company’s product which is milk and nutritional drinks. Hence, white, beige (cream) and pastel colour were chosen as the main colour palette that best match the setting of the atmosphere in the space.


The private meeting area at the main level was separated with metal glazed panel painted in cream colour which was inspired by the shape of a milk carton and the colour of the milk. On the other hand, we use microcement as the texture of the open display area to differentiate the layer of the space. Not only it brings out a unique texture on the wall but it also immediately improves the quality of the space.

设计这个空间最大的问题在 场地空间过高,加上空间的采光不足,

所以在设计的时候需要加入室内打灯效果去打亮整个空间的明亮度 ,

进而达到空间的亮度 也能满足阳光采光不足的问题。






而展示墙区域我们也尝试了用 艺术涂料去区别了空间的层次感,让空间的质感进而提升。

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