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Location: Bandar Rimbayu, Shah Alam
Property Type: Condominium
Built-up Size: 979sqft
Year of completion: 2021

The client’s aim for a grammable living space with a Korean contemporary interior approach hence we use light tone colours for the furniture, off-white cream colour for all walls and ceilings to create a more consistent look and the use of light brown timber flooring to enhance the living space. This will allows the space to be more open and transparent while remains a cosy and comfortable atmosphere.

奶油色系做为整间家的主色调,地板选择了偏黄的木色,墙壁也用了奶白色让整体看起来更一致。家具方面运用了浅灰色,木色及奶油色来进行混搭,让整个空间看起来更温馨 舒服。

We converted two doors opening to an arch opening and an arch door with visual glass paneling. This will broaden and brighten up the space between the living room and the study room with borrowed light.

On the other side of the wall, we created a shoe cabinet, tucked behind the wall with a hidden door that leads to the master bedroom flushed perfectly within the same plane. We also design an alcove shelve and soften the edges of the wall by connecting both unaligned plane with a curved wall.

As the master bedroom will be a private space and contains more personal everyday items, we use white colour template as part of our design strategies to allow a cleaner yet spacious look. The door to the master bathroom will be a surface sliding door painted in cream so that idea does not only stop in the living room but flows within the entire space, we also use hidden wall mount system for the door to hide the expose track.




客厅的另一侧是收纳柜, 柜子尾段也做了弧形跟拱门作为呼应。



考虑到房间会是比较私人的空间, 也会有很多日常用品,




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