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Khind 01
Location: Jelutong, Shah Alam
Property Type: Commercial Office
Built-up Size: 4200sqft
Year of completion: 2020

Khind x DualSpace3.jpg

KHIND is a company that produces household electronics which was established in 1961 and has been operating for 60 years. It is located in Selangor, Malaysia.

KHIND 是个成立于1961年的生活电子用品公司,目前有60年的历史,


“There is no creation without tradition”


As the inspiration of this design project, we hopes to preserve the early days of KHIND’s brand logo, which mainly comprises of red, white and black colors. From there, creating an open office concept of modern minimalist design and letting natural lighting into the interior space, which aims at introducing brilliance and freshness to the workplace while preserving the tradition and at the same time symbolizing the brand.

在早期的 KHIND 的品牌色彩是由 黑, 白, 红 作为品牌logo,


An abundance of natural daylight directed through the clear glass into the building interiors, through floor-to-ceiling windows as a prerequisite at the site. Streams of daylight entering the office presents a refreshing natural light environment, enlivening the sense of space, comfort, and clear view in the office.

We hope that transparency will not only represent the honesty and openness in communication, but also represent workplace transparency between the company and its employees. Therefore, we used glass panels as partitions to ensure spacious, open and unobstructed lighting whilst keeping the space private and secure.

基地的基本条件上有一大面落地窗, 我们希望让阳光可以照射进来,空间要足够开阔,让光充分涌入到室内,干净利落的空间追求整齐与通透性。空间内用玻璃隔断,确保光线穿透的同时也降低了透明度,这是为了让会议、办公不被打扰。空间用清新透明所做的细节处理,这种透明既代表公司与客户间的透明,也代表公司与员工、员工和员工之间的透明。

The pantry area is designed as an open space with an independent island. The overall effect is a soothing ambience at all times of the day, which helps office workers to relieve stress from a tense and busy office environment. In choosing materials, we chose red tiles, wooden elements, and red pebble flooring to match the entire pantry. Thereby complimenting the interior and exterior setting and allowing it to easily blend with each other. 

The contrast of red and white is the highlight of the design, replacing the old office space in the past, and breaking into the future with sustainable growth and development. Overall, the entire design of this project is an innovation in itself, making use of natural lighting to create a unique ambience. This gives a sense of expansive space and openness, maintaining a modern and chic look.

而茶水区则开放成时髦的独立岛台设计。在紧张而忙碌的办公环境中,开辟出氛围轻松的茶歇区域,也是我们主要的设计亮点。整个空间在材料的选择上,运用了红色瓷砖、木质元素以及红色地面碎石,开放式的茶水间,内外景色互相映衬,相互交融。大面积的红色与白色对比是设计的亮点,打破和颠覆以往陈旧的办公室的空间,成为当代主流品牌核心价值。 我们希望让员工进办公室时,是开敞的视野 也带有舒适的环境。

The office desks are inspired by the tongue and groove joint system and carefully planned at each corner of the desk for their practicality and functionality. Corporate color schemes of Khind chose for the desks blended into the space naturally. Taking into account that the office has a lot of messy wires and circuits for the Internet supply and telephones, we perfectly hide all the wires through the design of the table itself and the table arrangement.




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