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Unit C2 / coming soon
Location: Oug, Kuala Lumpur
Property Type: Condominium
Built-up Size: 850sqft
Year of completion: 2021

Alterations to the coffee corner and living area are made to create a more consistent interior, by using hidden doors concealing the corridor between the two areas, whilst expanding its spaces visually.



Besides that, as they were unparalleled, an angled wall is used to connect both walls of the television area and the coffee space, hence creating a space with more depths as well as enhancing the structure of the living room.


The design of the ceiling and the TV wall were integrated by the continuation of same colors between the two sections. This allows a more seamless space, creating an infinite visual thus enlarging the visual space as well.


Colors are achieved based on the requirements of the customer. The use of off-white color as a base, is relatively simple and conservative. Matched with burnt orange color, the space will be highlighted with the eye-catching color tone.


The combination of off-white and burnt orange color will reduce the effect of overlapping colors whilst making the space more interesting yet simple – creating a space that is more vivid and full of personality.


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