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AM House / 
Location: Shah Alam, Selangor
Property Type: Link House
Built-up Size: 1647sqft
Year of completion: 2021

This  private residential, located in Selangor is inspired by mid-century modern with the use of wood, steel and micro-cement and a touch of fluidity. We proposed the staircase to be the main feature of the house by softening the harshness of the form and finishes to create a welcoming sense to the space.


We extended the wall at the foyer facing the main staircase into a full wall height to break through the spaces between public and private. Here, we design a slim gap opening separated with glass shelves and glazed backing with the continuity of the step from the stairs. This slim gap allows the penetration of natural sunlight to the stairs and allowed the client to acknowledge the occurrence in the foyer from the first floor. 

We use dark wood for the featured step to emphasis on the level change and it also acts a seating area with hidden storage underneath. In order to create more fluidity in the house, we rounded the edge of the staircase’s wall that flows down alongside with an endless curved metal handrail. This feature immediately calms the space.


Hence, we allow this curvature detail to flow towards the corner of the stairs and towards the wall of the basin. This feature wall at the basin ends with another slim gap and with a rounded edge. This detail prevents the natural light to shine directly into the guest bedroom but allows it to blend in the basin wall seamlessly by wrapping around the curvature surface.


The TV console joinery is elevated above the ground and uses the same material as the featured step - dark wood, while the shelving unit is stainless steel with rounded edge that flows towards the TV.

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